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Southern Pacific  Hy-Cube Cushion-Car Shirt

Southern Pacific Hy-Cube Cushion-Car Shirt


Southern Pacific  Hy-Cube Cushion-Car Shirt 

  • Printed on Front
  • Gildan 100% Cotton 6.1 oz
  • Shirt Color - Red

During the 1960s, the most radical freight car designs employed the extreme height clearances offered by Plate F car designs. In 1964, no car type articulated this extreme more than the 86-foot, purpose-built “Auto Parts” boxcars. These large boxcars became fixtures on the rails all over North American mainlines, riding hot trains to deliver components vital to the productivity of auto plants. While several car builders offered 86’ auto parts boxcars, the most prolific builder of the double plug door design was Greenville Steel Car Company of Greenville PA. More than 4,400 of these cars were acquired by most major railroads, and they were assigned to pools where multiple railroad’s cars served a specific shipper or shippers. Original utilization of these cars was for Ford, Pontiac, and Chrysler, as well as deliveries from 3rd party parts suppliers to the auto plants. Greenville’s 1964-1978 production was the longest run for this car type, with many still in service today.    (Tangent Scale Models)

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