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Caring for your Mohawk T-Shirt

Here are some great tips on how to best care for your Mohawk (or any screen printed shirt) shirt:

  1. Use cold water. Cold water still gets your clothes clean and it's less harsh on the fabric and print.
  2. Do NOT use bleach or other strong detergent products. Use a stain remover on spots but avoid bleach if at all possible.  Standard household detergents should be just fine.
  3. Turn your clothes inside out before you wash and/or dry them.  This will help to prevent fading of the printed art.
  4. Do NOT put your clothes in a hot dryer.  Setting the dryer to its highest heat settings for screen printed shirts will shorten the life of the printed art.  If you want to be extra cautious, remove them from the dryer before they are completely dry to hang up or lay out to finish drying.  Like hot water, that hot air can shorten the life of your garment.
  5. Wash similar textures of clothes together.  Rough materials or items with zippers mixed with your nice cotton shirt can rub the graphics and cause them to crack and peel from too much friction.





We love our shirts and we know you do to and while we want you to buy lots of them, we also want you to get the maximum life out of each and every one.