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Oneida and Western Railroad Logo Shirt

Oneida and Western Railroad Logo Shirt


Oneida and Western Railroad Logo Shirt                            

  •  Logo Printed on Front
  • 100% Cotton
  • Shirt Color = clean mint

The Oneida & Western Railroad, known as the Oneida & Western or O&W, was two different railroads in the same place.

The first was a short coal and goods hauling railroad that ran between Oneida and Jamestown, Tennessee. It was prosperous during the 1920s, hauling coal and lumber and provided groceries and mail to residents along the O&W in the remote gorges and hollows of Scott and Fentress counties. The line also provided a passenger service that at the time, was the most efficient way to travel.

In the 1940s the Wolf Creek Dam project was a ray of hope for the O&W, but World War II ended that hope and the project was lost along with the large investment made by the railroad's owners. Abandonment was announced in 1946, however the Jewell Ridge Mine purchased the railroad and held on to it until 1953 when it was officially abandoned due to sagging business in the area.

Local citizens opposed the railroad's abandonment, however the implementation of better highway and trucks were a considerable competitor, local citizens and former employees blamed poor management as the cause for abandonment.

The second was a railroad with no track. The Shamrock Coal Company was having trouble with its primary hauler, the Louisville & Nashville, unable to supply empty cars fast enough to meet demand. Increased haulage rates and inadequate maintenance made thing more difficult for Shamrock. The coal company responded by buying its own cars and locomotives, built to L&N specifications, and run by L&N crews. The name Oneida and Western was resurrected for the attractive two-tone green trains. The coal was exclusive sold and hauled to a South Carolina power plant. After the L&N was bought by CSX, and Shamrock was bought by Sun, the changed situation rendered the trains unnecessary.



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