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New Haven U25B Logo Shirt

New Haven U25B Logo Shirt


New Haven U25B Logo Shirt

  • Printed on Front
  • 100% Cotton
  • Shirt Color - Black Comfort Wash Hanes 100% Cotton

 .New Haven 2525 is a U25B 2500 HP road freight Diesel locomotive, built by GE, November 1965 (#35733). The 2525 was the final locomotive built for the New Haven (class DERS-7). This class was built to replace the worn-out 1947 Alco FA fleet (represented by NH 0401). It ran in road freight service on the New Haven’s major routes in and out of Cedar Hill Yard near New Haven: to Maybrook, Springfield, Worcester, and Boston. This unit survived the Penn Central takeover and was eventually renumbered 2685, a number that it carried into Conrail. Like the 529, the 2525 stayed on former New Haven territory due to its cab signals. After cab signals were removed on the Hartford line and the Shore Line lost most through freight service, the 2685 roamed the Conrail system, receiving a major engine overhaul in Dec. 1977, after being wrecked on the Boston & Albany Division. It ran only a few more years, being stored in early 1980 and then retired around 1982 as Conrail purchased new motive power. It was stored serviceable at Selkirk and later Altoona. In mid-1985 the decision was made to scrap the 2685 and many of its sister locomotives. Arrangements were made by the RMNE through Conrail to have the locomotive donated and transported to Old Saybrook only weeks before the scheduled scrapping. Thanks to Conrail, another historical locomotive was saved. The 2525 arrived at Essex on Jan. 8, 1986, and was test run in October 1986. The fully-operational unit was restored to its as-built appearance in 1987. Additional work to bring the locomotive into FRA compliance was done in 1992. Unit is currently stored, awaiting a return to service.


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