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Southern Railway (SOU) Containerized Freight Logo Shirt

Southern Railway (SOU) Containerized Freight Logo Shirt


 Southern Railway Containerized Freight Logo Shirt                   

  •  Logo Printed on Front
  • 100% Cotton
  • Shirt Color - Container Grey

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Containerized Freight - Rail - Highway Service

Getting More Business for Southern with Containerized Freight . . . Rail Highway Service

Southern Railway System has an enormous unused freight-hauling capacity. And there is almost limitless freight business for our railroad to get that is not now moving on the railroads.

These are facts that are meaningful to our future, and Southern is doing something about them.

One of the transfer points on Southern where containerized freight is trans-loaded from truck chassis to specially equipped railroad flat cars or from cars to truck chassis.

One "something" has been the start of containerized freight Rail-Highway Service.

Containerized freight service is new on Southern Railway System.

It isn't old on any railroad.

It's a modern way to move by rail the vast quantities of freight that are now moving by other means.

It's the best way of moving freight that combines all the desirable feature of convenience and flexibility of over-the-highway movements with the low cost and dependability of railroad service.

It is door-to-door freight movement in the most useful and economical form that shippers can hope to find.

Is it going onto the flat car? Or being moved to the trailer chassis? Either way it's freight moving by rail in Southern's growing Containerized Freight Rail-Highway Service.

Containerized freight handling offers almost boundless potential for returning to the railroads the huge volume of intercity freight traffic that is now privately hauled. (Loss of business to private carriers is seriously affecting all common carriers)

Containerized freight services need to be sold. And Southern intends to sell them to every possible user.

Customers will have to be shown the savings and other advantages they can realize by using rail freight containerized services. It's so new that many shippers of freight haven't had a chance yet to compare its possibilities against transportation services they are now using.

Southern's container's ride two to an 85 ft. car in specially 'cushioned' cradles that protect contents from transit shocks.

Containerized freight can only mean more work for railroads to do. That's why Southern Railway has started this new service. We are trying in a big way to get freight back on the rails where railroaders can demonstrate to customers the cost-saving advantages of this service via the elimination of wasteful reloadings.

Here's how the system works.

Aluminum containers, constructed strongly in the general design of a highway trailer body, are placed upon a truck-trailer chassis at a loading point. The containers are 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet 6 inches high. A container is moved to a plant or warehouse and loaded there. The loaded container is then returned to the railroad loading point and transferred to a specially equipped flat car for movement by train to any of the Southern-served cities for which containerized freight tariffs' are in effect.

A Southern container rolls behind a truck-tractor en route to delivery at a Florida point. On the day before, the container was loaded in Ohio.

Loaded two to an 85-foot-long flat car, Southern's containers ride in specially cushioned cradles to eliminate the need for expensive packaging and crating and to protect the loads against shocks while in transit.

At destination the container is transferred again to a truck-trailer chassis for movement to final destination for unloading. Final delivery points may be in the city where containers are removed from railroad cars or they may be anywhere in the distribution area that can be reached by highway.

Lined up at a loading dock, these Southern containers will be moved hundreds of miles toward their final delivery points over railroad tracks. Containerized Freight is a growing business for Southern.

This reflects Southern's determination to reverse the do-it-yourself trend in transportation where the ship- per hauls his own freight by providing a service which the shipper will use at a price he can afford to pay.

Like all railroad business, Containerized Freight is on a 24-hour-a-day basis for handling. Being loaded at Alexandria, these containers were brought there by highway. Within a short time after this picture was made. the specially equipped fiat cars on which they were loaded were in Southern's crack freight train, No.153, bound for a number of Southern points. They could be put in New Orleans, more than 1,000 miles away, in about 26 hours.

These and other operations that may be undertaken by Southern are directed toward recapturing for the rails the intercity freight traffic now being hauled by private carriers who are today the greatest competitors faced by all common carriers. -

Better service for shippers.

More business on Southern.

More cars of traffic moving over Southern lines.

These are our aims.

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