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Chicago & North Western "Falcon" Service Logo Shirt

Chicago & North Western "Falcon" Service Logo Shirt


 Chicago & North Western "Falcon" Service Logo Shirt

  • Printed on Front
  • 100% Cotton
  • Shirt Color - Trailer Grey


 A FEW YEARS AGO, the Air Force Academy played a football game in Chicago and the cheerleaders brought along an academy mascot, a falcon - which, turned loose to perform, promptly circled the stadium and departed . It was later spotted, picking off pigeons one by one in a railroad yard some miles away, and apparently enjoying itself immensely. At Chicago & North Western, though, a "Falcon" has loftier goals . C&NW's Falcons are its dedicated TOFC/COFC trains operating transcontinentally in conjunction with Union Pacific - and while these Falcons have picked off their share of "pigeons," they've also been stalking, successfully, much bigger game . The first Falcon went into service in 1973, and that year North Western handled 50% more trailers than it had in '72 . In '74 there was a modest gain ; in '75, in the full bloom of recession, there was a drop . But the numbers bounced back in '76, and in '77 North Western is looking toward an increase of about 22% from '76 totals . By 1981, C&N W projects a volume of close to 210,000 units - and its projections thus far have been pretty close to the mark . Revenues from piggyback, meanwhile, were just $13 million in '72 . In '76, TOFC/COFC brought in $225 million - and the estimate for 1981 keeps pace with the past growth record. Information from the North Western Lines Historical-Technical Society and Modeling. Vol . 5, No . 2 April 1978.

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